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Scholarship overview

We believe in global society

It takes more than good grades and persistence to obtain a Master’s degree. Master’s degree candidates, especially those who pursue a degree abroad at a public institution face numerous challenges from the start. Apart from having to overcome the culture shock and home-sickness, international students are often confronted with financial challenges. 

Each year more than 5 000 international students enroll in the English-taught Master’s programs in Denmark and even more come as exchange students for a semester. Danish, being one of the hardest languages to learn, poses yet another obstacle for foreign students to earn money and support themselves while studying. 

Due to Moneezy’s long history in striving for diversity at the workplace and the ever-increasing living costs in Denmark, we have decided to establish the Moneezy Scholarship which is to be awarded to one prospective international student who’s accepted to study a Master’s degree in Denmark in 2021 or will be attending a Danish university as an exchange student.

The intent of Moneezy is to help develop brave global-minded individuals who see higher education as means to pursue their dreams irrespective of country borders and drive our global society forward. The Moneezy Scholarship grant is 5 000 DKK and is awarded once per year.

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Who should apply

While we have a required above B+ grade average, the Moneezy Scholarship award winner is a highly motivated individual driven by determination and passion. 

Applicants must:

  • Demonstrate strength of character, dedication to their community and recognition of the important role that every individual plays in shaping the world we live in by providing documentation for volunteer service.
  • Demonstrate a strong regard for the educational institutions by providing documentation for participation in university committees, club or associations.
  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree or are in their last semester prior to earning their degree and can provide a copy of transcripts to demonstrate academic rigor and compliance with the grade average requirement.
  • Can provide a letter of acceptance from a full-time Master’s program at an institution of higher education in Denmark. Exchange students must also provide a copy of confirmation from the university.
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The Moneezy Scholarship was created to support individuals who believe that graduating with a degree is the first step towards making their dreams come true. Here are few brushstrokes about our values and beliefs


“Passion creates excellence when mediocrity will do.” At Moneezy we’ve always sought to bring transparency to the financial and loan industry, and this has turned into the quest and passion of our lives. You’ve got passion? Show us and apply for the scholarship.

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The path one’s chosen is not always easy. It took many years, blood, sweat and tears (okay, maybe not blood…but there were a few tears) to build a company that’s now present on more than 40 markets worldwide. Now that we are here, we can support those of you who never stopped walking their paths. Read more about Moneezy here. 

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Take a chance when no one else will, follow your vision, stand up for what you believe in. This is the key to success. By choosing to study abroad, most students have already done all of the above-mentioned early in their lives and this, we think, is commendable. Courage should be rewarded!

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Life has a sense of humor and so should we. Facing every day with a smile can change your life dramatically and is something that we practice every day at the office. Apply for the scholarship and show us that you believe in your bright future. Read more about Moneezy’s culture here.

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You must be under 35 years of age at the date of the university program start.

Master’s degree

A letter of acceptance from an institution of higher education in Denmark (for the academic year of 2021) as a full-time student in a Master’s program must be enclosed. Exchange students are expected to provide a confirmation that they will indeed study for a semester in Denmark. 

Academic performance

The scholarship is awarded only to persons with outstanding academic achievements so applicants must provide a copy of their Bachelor’s degree transcript or a current grade transcript if they haven’t yet earned a degree at the time of applying for the grant. 

Community impact

Provide documentation of affiliation with a volunteer organization and participation in university committees, clubs and/or associations (during your undergraduate education).

Essay submission

Applicants are expected to write and enclose a short essay (500 words) on the topic of “What’s the positive impact of globalization on society?”. PDF is the preferred format.


Applicants are to provide a CV/resume covering their contact information, general background, education, internships, or work (if any), volunteer work and accomplishmentsPDF is the preferred format.


How can the scholarship grant be used?

Our scholarship is designed so that the recipients can use the funds depending on their needs and current situation. However, we hope that the award will be used for tuition, fees, academic materials, or language lessons. 


Can I apply more than once for the scholarship?

You can apply more than one time if you meet the criteria for application, and you haven’t been selected as a recipient of the award before.


When will the winner be announced?

The winner is typically announced 30 days after the closing date. 


How will Moneezy contact me if I win the scholarship?

You will get contacted by email and/or phone call so make sure that you include your contact information in your application. 


What happens if Moneezy can’t get in contact with the winner of the scholarship?

Moneezy has right to select a new award recipient if unable to reach the initial winner in 5 business days. 


How & when will I receive the award?

The award will be credited to the winner’s bank account via bank transfer up to 30 days after contact is established. The funds will be available a few business days after the bank transfer takes place. 


Ok, I submitted my application but forgot to include a document/made a mistake?

You’re welcome to resend your application and it will be considered. 


What if I don’t have a Bachelor’s degree yet?

Persons who will earn their Bachelor’s degree in a 6-month period and can provide a letter of acceptance from an institution of high education in Denmark as full-time students can still apply for the scholarship.


Is there any requirement regarding nationality/citizenship of the applicants?

No, there isn’t. All candidates that meet the requirements will be considered irrespective of their nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or disabilities. 


To apply for the Moneezy Scholarship, the first step is to prepare all the documents listed in the Eligibility Criteria. To read more about the criteria please click here.


Key dates for the Moneezy Scholarship 2021

Open for applications: fall 2020

Closed for applications: July 31, 2021, at 5:00 PM CET for all candidates

Assessment of applications: August, 2021

Recipient announcement: September 1, 2021

Contacting recipient & awarding the grant:  up to 30 days after announcing the winner


Once submitted, all applications will be assessed after the application closing date. Applications submitter after the deadline will not be considered. 


The winner will be selected based on the overall strength of their application materials and short essay compared to the entire candidate pool. The winner will be selected by an independent committee.


Once selected, the recipient of the grant will be announced on this page, contacted by Moneezy and awarded the grant in a 30-day period via bank transfer. 


All application materials must be submitted to scholarship@moneezy.com on time in order to be considered. For inquiries and questions, please refer to our FAQ.

By applying for the Moneezy Scholarship you agree to the collection and processing of your personal data. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.
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