Editorial Guidelines

At Moneezy we are a vibrant team of editorial experts hailing from backgrounds in communication and finance, utilizing our skills to do what we do best: inspire and enlighten our users. We are dedicated to creating targeted, comprehensive, and engaging content that resonates with our intended audience.

Our approach is grounded in professionalism and thoroughness, regardless of the narratives to be told, across all platforms. This assures the delivery of well-articulated content every time.

For us, copywriting and knowledge dissemination are more than mere tasks – it is an art. An artisan craft. We believe in generating original content instead of reusing existing material. Our ambition is to foster a digital environment where high-quality content and available information are seen not as a luxury but as a fundamental necessity.

Core principles

At Moneezy, our commitment to editorial independence is at the heart of what we do. It is not just a value; it is a guarantee that ensures the integrity and quality of our content. Our dedicated editorial team abides by five key principles:

  • Fairness: We believe in giving our partners an equitable representation among our users. This begins with our words, as they form the basis for an authentic and insightful understanding of each financial product we cover.

  • Accuracy: Thorough research is not just the initial stage of our process; it is the backbone of it. Our users have a right to precise, fact-based information, delivered in a balanced and comprehensive language. All content is fact-checked by our experienced specialists, applying rigorous source criticism and proofreading.

  • Objectivity: Our mission is to compare financial alternatives and deliver the essential knowledge for users to make informed financial decisions. Our information is derived from a broad array of credible, expert sources. Furthermore, our product reviews remain impartial and unbiased at all times.

  • Relevance: Our commitment to relevant information ensures that all content provided on Moneezy is up to date. Our team of editors prioritizes the immediate relevance of all articles at the time of publication.

  • Transparency: We believe in the principle of reciprocity in giving as much as we receive. This highlights our commitment to absolute transparency. This commitment appears in our openness about how we make money and in our humility in admitting our human propensity for errors. Should any users discover a mistake on Moneezy, we, therefore, encourage reporting the error by filling out this form.

    AI guidelines

We embrace innovation over repetition – particularly within our work. Our editorial team comprises 13 adept editors and communication specialists, all brimming with an aptitude for crafting new, captivating, and inclusive content. They are responsible for generating all the content found on Moneezy, spanning articles, blog posts and guides.

We stand as pioneers in our field, utilizing AI not as a mere tool, but as a source of inspiration for research and idea generation. We think of technology as an intelligent, global collaborator rather than a mechanical copywriter.

Every piece of information written on Moneezy transitions from machine to paper only after undergoing a thorough human review. That is why we encourage our editors to leverage the potency of technology. However, we remain convinced that the best ideas are born from human minds.

Great content has the power to unite people – and this belief fuels our commitment to write for people, by people.

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