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Information about our business model is neither a bank nor a lender. Instead, we serve as the intermediary connecting you with various loan providers. Our aim is to gather loan offers from multiple lenders, maximizing your chances of finding a loan that perfectly suits your requirements. Our priority is to deliver a user-friendly and efficient service, providing you with a comprehensive overview of interest rates and terms offered by lenders for a quick and easy comparison.

Nevertheless, it is important to clarify that we are not financial advisors. All content available on Moneezy is provided as a free tool and should be used for information only.

We strive to provide valuable financial insights, but it is essential to acknowledge that we cannot encompass all financial products on the market or cover every individual’s specific circumstances. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or applicability of our content to your personal situation. Our articles, blog posts and guides are all designed to offer you general information and should not be considered as a replacement for personalized financial advice.

Furthermore, our knowledge and examples are grounded in past market performance and current analysis. Since we cannot predict the future, we strive to offer content based on the present market trends.

At Moneezy we believe in empowering individuals to make well-informed financial decisions based on the latest knowledge. Consequently, you are never fully done with Moneezy – there is always more to access and new knowledge to gain.

How do we make money?

Our platform is completely free for users, meaning you will not incur any extra fees or interest charges while utilizing our service. We operate through an affiliate marketing business model, wherein we collaborate with lenders to offer you a seamless experience. Rest assured, our commission-based earnings do not compromise the integrity of our editorial choices – we remain objective and unbiased in our assessments. We would also like to emphasize that utilizing a loan comparison site like Moneezy does not make the loans more expensive. On the contrary, we act as a facilitator for both you and the lender, not as a competitor – our goal is to assist in finding the most suitable loan options that meet your needs and benefit all parties involved.

Our business model involves a three-way collaboration between the lender, Moneezy and you. As you explore our comparison site and submit loan applications to different lenders, we earn a commission from these lenders based on specific actions, which may include sending users to their websites or receiving completed applications.

While advertising considerations might influence the order and placement of certain products on our site, they have no impact on our content, ensuring transparency and authenticity in the guidance we provide. Our main focus is to be your reliable and professional guiding hand, offering valuable information and tools without any cost or hassle. We are proud of the guidance we offer. The information we pass on. And the tool we have created. And the fact that it is easy and free.

With Moneezy, you can always count on strong professionalism and a commitment to empowering you in your financial decisions.

Contracts and other loan agreements

Once you have submitted your application to a lender, please be aware that Moneezy’s responsibility for your loan process ends. We do not have any influence over the loan offer you receive from the lender, and we cannot be held accountable for the terms and conditions of your contract or any breaches that may occur.

Conflicts between borrower and lender

Moneezy strives to maintain a neutral stance in any conflicts that may arise between you and a lender, regardless of whether they are loan-related or not. Once the application is submitted, our involvement in the loan process concludes.

For any complaints or questions concerning the application, we encourage you to communicate directly with the lender.

Responsible lending market

Our vision is to build a future lending market rooted in transparency, information, and accountability. We believe in a shared responsibility between borrowers and lenders. However, ultimately it falls on you to borrow money responsibly.

Therefore, we highly recommend ensuring the stability of your finances before considering a loan application.

Processing of personal data

We are committed not only to ensuring information dissemination and transparency in the loan market but also to handling your personal data with utmost care. Rest assured, we strictly adhere to all relevant legislation, which means we only collect relevant and necessary information about you. This data is used solely for internal purposes, and we do not share it with any third parties.

For further details, we refer to our privacy policy.

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