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Orange Money

Orange Money is a money transfer and payment service which is available in some African countries.

As of 2016, Orange Money has been introduced and operating in France. Orange Money offers money transfer services to the Ivory Coast, Guinea, Senegal, Mali and Madagascar.

With Orange Money, it is possible to make money transfers from an account linked to the mobile phone number from France to Africa or from France to France.

Why choose Orange Money?

The simplicity. Registering and creating an account with Orange Money is simple, fast and completely free. You just need to show a few personal documents and register your bank card and you're done! Now you can safely deposit the money you want to send, either by credit card or cash. It is also easy for your recipient. The recipient receives a message via phone containing the confirmation of the transfer and once the recipient has accepted i, the money is transferred. To withdraw the money, the recipient of the money just needs to come to an Orange Money withdrawal point and in a few minutes, he will be able to withdraw the money.

How to create an Orange Money account?

Registering and creating your Orange Money account is easy.

Orange Money registration procedures

Signing up with Orange Money is free and easy. To register with Orange Money, you have two solutions.The first solution is to go to one of the points of sale of Orange Money. Then you show a few personal documents and your French mobile number. Once everything is done and accepted, your account is created and available for use.The second solution is to download the Orange Money application from the Apple store or Google Play and register on the application. You are also asked on the application to justify your identity with a valid identity document and your bank card. You can simply take a picture of the documents and upload it to the app and register your credit card.

Orange Money services

Orange Money mainly offers money deposit and withdrawal and domestic and international money transfer. In addition it also offers phone credit purchase and payment of bills (water, electricity etc.) . Companies also have the option of accepting payments made by Orange Money

How does Orange Money work?

Orange Money is a money transfer service that allows French residents to transfer money from an account associated with their phone number to residents in Africa or France. All you have to do is open an account on the application or in a point of sale, validate the transfer and wait for the recipient to receive a message on their phone, and when this is done, the money transfer is completed. The registration is free.

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