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Vacation Tips

Tips and tricks for booking your holiday.

Let’s be honest – we’ve been all craving a nice get away lately, especially since it was almost impossible during the pandemic. With the current situation changing constantly, it is hard to give you suggestions on where to go but how about we start with the budgeting and finding the best bargains.

You might consider taking a travel loan or a loan for holidays. Nevertheless, there are also other options you can consider for the next trip. With the following tips we help you saving money when booking your holiday get away.

1. Book in advance, “Last Minute” offers are usually still overpriced

It can get confusing when looking at all the different offers and prices when booking your vacation. Don’t get fooled – Even though “last minute” offers may be a bit cheaper than the regular prices, they are usually still more expensive than when you book the trip in advance. The earlier you book, the more capacity the hotels and flights have, so that the companies start selling tickets at a cheaper price and the more seats are sold, the higher the price is going to be.

2. Book at the right time

It is said that the best time to book you trip is generally between 50 and 70 days before the departure date. According to numerous websites, the best day to book flights is Tuesday afternoon. This is because the least amount of people is looking for flights at this exact time, so the demand is lower.

3. Fly on cheaper weekdays

When planning your vacation, the flight days are quite important to consider. For families and people with a busy week the best days to fly are on the weekends when they don’t have to work. Because the demand for flights on weekends is so high, the airlines know that they can set the prices at a much higher rate on Friday – Sundays. Apparently, the cheapest days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Furthermore, early morning flights are also a good way to save some bucks!

4. Allow notifications and price alerts

Some websites offer price alerts to let you know when flight rates are especially low. Take advantage of this service and sign up for it. If you want to travel spontaneously it might be a good inspiration – look for what destination the prices are the lowest and discover new cities.

5. Compare fares

There exist numerous websites where you can compare flight and hotel rates. It is worth to dig in and look for the best prices. Sometimes it is cheaper to book on the website of the hotel/airline, sometimes it is cheaper to book via another provider.

6. Surf in private mode

Did you know that your search history is saved, and websites sometimes have access to it? This can have a big impact on the prices that are shown to you. The more you look for a certain destination or fly date, the more expensive the fares are going to be. You can either do the research from another device and book it from your computer or surf in private mode – in that way the websites can’t track your search history.

7. Compare hotels, Airbnb and apartments

Depending on your preferences, you might want to take a look at the various options there are for your stay. Weigh out the benefits and downsides of all accommodations and then look for the fares. In some cities it can be cheaper to choose apartments and houses offered from private people rather than renting them from an agency.

Now, we hope that these tips will help you save some money for your next trip! If you’re still lacking inspiration on where to go, we might also help you a little bit.

As mentioned above, it is hard to tell which countries will be opening up the borders for tourists. To avoid giving out information that’s not up to date, let’s look at suggestions that are always a good idea.

1. Travel nationally

Cross-border or intercontinental travelling is pretty difficult at the moment. So, it’s the best time to discover your own country! Pack your bags, hop in the car and start exploring. There are dozens of benefits of travelling locally. You already know the culture and language, so you don’t have to prepare beforehand. Another advantage is that your friends and family can surely give you a couple of insider tips. Explore the unknown sites and spend your days falling in love with the beauty of your home country.

2. Stay in the city

Who said that you have to leave the city to travel? Try out some local activities and you might get surprised about how much there is to do. Take a stroll next to the lake or river, picknick at the local hill for sunset or explore new neighborhoods. The options are endless.

With all these recommendations we hope to give you some motivation, inspiration and fun to book your next trip!

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