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Valentine´s day on a budget – A gift guide

The best gifts for Valentine's day.

Yay Valentines day is just around the corner and love is in the air. Yes, Valentines day is a day based on consumerism, but who said we cannot have a little fun with it ourselves and make our loved one feel extra loved and appreciated?

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to find the perfect gift idea for your special person, especially when you´re on a budget (#lifeonabudget). But don´t worry! A Valentine´s day gift does not have to be expensive and it is perfectly possible to make your partner happy and feel loved whilst being on a budget. So, make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, bring a snack, and have a pen and piece of paper ready to take notes.

All of the Valentine’s day gift and date ideas will be something that shows exactly how much you love and care for your special someone. When it comes to Valentine’s day, that old cheesy quote is actually true: “It’s the thought that counts”, so keep that in mind!

Valentine's Day Date Ideas to Celebrate Your Love

Write a love letter - Oh love letters, isn´t that just so romantic and a perfect Valentine’s day gift (and it´s totally free too!). Writing down and telling them how you feel about them and how much you love your partner is often all it takes to show how much you appreciate them. The act and care of writing and composing your thoughts down is a direct reflection of how important that person is to you. It is truly a one-of-a-kind and personal gift and it out does every material expensive gift. You can write about how your partner makes you feel, the experiences and memories you have been through together and tell them how much they mean to you.

Another Valentine’s day gift idea on a budget is planning a romantic day/date with your loved one. The advantage here is that you get to spend quality time together and there´s no need to spend a lot of money. Nice weather date ideas include, for example, going on a bicycle trip; having a picnic with wine at the park, beach, or lake; going on a hiking trip or dancing; it depends what you both like doing and incorporating it on this special day. Spending a day doing things you enjoy with the person you love, will create a whole lot of new sparkles between the two of you!

You can of course also plan a candlelight dinner as a surprise for him/her and cook them their favorite meal and dessert (there´s always room for dessert), plus have their favorite bottle of wine to drink. Then, after the romantic candlelight dinner, you can go for a walk and/or spend the rest of the evening watching your favorite movie together.

These are a few ideas on how to make your special someone feel loved without having to actually go buy something and spend money. But if you want to gift something to your partner, here are a few low-cost budget-friendly romantic gift ideas for Valentine’s day.

A classic photo album could be a great gift filled with love for your partner. The photo album can include pictures of you and your partner together, funny pics of each other, photos of the trips and holidays you went on together, photos of special occasions etc. This way you will always have a great reminder of everything you have experienced together and all the memories you have created with each other. If you want to add something special and sweet to it, you could include quotes and sayings you have about each other in the photo album. The great thing about gifting a photo album to your partner is that she/he will also see how much effort and time you took for creating this unique personal and very romantic gift.

If this isn´t exactly what you´ve been looking for, then keep reading, there are still plenty of gift ideas to explore!

If your partner is a huge book lover, getting them a book in the genre they love, and a cute bookmark could be a great gift idea.

If both of you love exploring new things and activities, buying a cooking class ticket, and going there together could be a great way to spend time together, have fun and learn some new delicious meals. Cooking together is a great way to share an enjoyable activity and it can even deepen your relationship.

If your partner has been through some more stressful weeks, or you just want to do a nice gesture for him/her to relax for a while, buying some bath bombs and candle lights is a great gift idea. This way you show your partner that you care about them and their wellbeing and they will surely be thankful and grateful for you.

Other more conventional Valentine’s day gifts (the former are great gifts too, but these might cost a little bit more) are gifting a perfume (everyone loves a good perfume) , a piece of jewelry or a jewelry box for the special lady, a romantic movie or a board game, a cool hat/ beanie, a cool wallpaper picture or something else decorative, which you think could look cool in your partner´s room or apartment (or your shared apartment if you live together, of course).

Hopefully, these few Valentine´s day suggestions could be of help and never forget, it´s the thought, which counts! So, go and make the most special day for your special person.

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