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Prepare your home and yourself for autumn – small changes that have a big impact

Autumn is coming

As summer is slowly coming to an end, the days are getting colder and shorter, it is time to start preparing our body and our home for the colder months. During summer we usually prefer to spend as much time outdoors as possible, however, during autumn, when the sky is cloudy and it rains often, we start spending more time indoors. The space where we spend our time has an impact on our mood and our happiness levels, it is therefore very important to create a cosy atmosphere in the areas where we spend most of our time in.

If you are a house owner, there are several other things to have in mind, to prepare your house for the rainy season, such as clearing the gutters, checking the roof, and clearing out the garden. Remember to also put away the patio furniture and to move indoors the plants sensitive to cold. If you live in an apartment, your To-do list will much shorter. However, regardless of the type of housing, it might be a good idea to check the windows to eliminate draught and to make sure no heat is escaping. Check the windows for gaps, in case you find any, self-adhesive foam might do the trick, otherwise, you can also call a professional to help you solve the issue. These small fixes will not only save you a few bucks every month, but they will also help keep your house warm. The last thing is checking the radiators, making sure they are functioning well, when the temperatures start to drop, the plumbers will be very busy.

The final touch before we enter the house – give the entrance a new look. Place a few pumpkins and hang up a seasonal wreath. You can make it yourself out of seasonal flowers, however, if you are not into DIY projects, you can just pick one up from a flower’s shop.

Now that the outdoor spaces have been taken care of, we can move the focus on the indoors. Autumn is about warm, pastel colours. It’s the season of tea, hot chocolate, and pumpkin-spiced lattes. So how to make the indoors cosier, without having to spend a lot of money and time on it?

If the space allows it, reorganize the furniture, and try to create a cosy spot to sit near the window, so that you can enjoy as much daylight as possible. Another quick and cheap trick is changing the pillowcases and curtains. Go for softer materials, such as velvet, for the pillowcases, wool might also be a good option. In terms of colour – you can never go wrong with typical autumn colours, such as shades of yellow, dark orange, burgundy, purple or brown. Put out a chunky knitted blanket and pick up a few pumpkin-spice scented candles and you are done. If you want autumn scents also on your skin, you can switch the refreshing summer scents of your shower gel, lotion, or perfume for more spicy or woody scents.

The transitions between seasons also give us an opportunity to reorganize and declutter our home. Clear out all summer slippers, sandals, and hats, and make room for larger outwear. Take out the umbrellas and raincoats, gloves, and scarves – soon enough you will need them.

Talking about reorganization – it is also a good opportunity to get your finances organized. December is generally a month when we spend more money (on gifts, decorations, food and so on), wouldn’t it be nice to have a budget prepared for that? You can start a savings fund for this purpose, or simply be more aware of how much you spend and on what.

One of the best things about autumn are the wonderful aromatic fruits and veggies that come into season. Make regular visits to the farmers market and spoil yourself and your family with warm creamy soups and comforting bakes.

And remember, autumn is not only about shorter days and bad weather, but there are also exciting holidays and events happening in this season. If you have children – it is the start of a new school year, which comes with its own dose of excitement.

Even if you don’t go through the entire list and just do a few small adjustments, you will start feeling more excited about the new season.

Do you enjoy the warmer months, or do you think a cosy autumn sounds just as good?

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