Student loans – an alternative for when on a tight budget
The best suggestions on how to get by as a student are…...
Tags: student loan, finances, budget
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Investing, the stock market and Robinhood explained - a short guide
Want to know more about the GameStop and Robinhood scandal? Then keep on reading....
Tags: investing, stocks, trading, robinhood, gamestop
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Plan for the unplanned and save! Rethink your incoming expenses for the following 6 months.
Saving is not your strongest point? Here you will find saving-hacks to pimp your account....
Tags: budget, savings, money, save up, financial planning
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Which one to choose: a car loan or leasing?
Are you about to buy a new car but don’t have enough money? We’ve got options for you......
Tags: leasing, cars, company leasing, car loan
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5 businesses you can start now with less than 5000£
Have you been looking to start your own business or a side hustle? Then keep on reading....
Tags: BusinessIdeas, OnlineJob, CoronavirusPandemic, 5Businesses, Marketing, Podcasting, Ecommerce, Consulting, ContentCreation
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Which countries are the richest in the world?
When we talk about the richest countries, it is first and foremost important to know whether we talk about wealth in terms of dollars. There will definitely be one or two out there who mean that one can be wealthy in many ways – rich in terms of happiness, rich in terms of love, etc....
Tags: richest country, world economy
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Emergency Loans
Loans for emergencies – what they are and how to get yours…...
Tags: Emergency, loans, expenses, covid-19 loan
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Who earns the most in the glamorous world of celebrities?
Forbes has yet again published a list of the 100 best paid entertainers in the world .....
Tags: celebrities, rich, ranking, money
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Which business sector should you consider if you want to earn some money?
Are you not yet on the job market, studying, or are you first going to choose what your career will be focused on? Then, you should read more.....
Tags: global economy, business, growth, industries
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Apple credit card – get more out of the future!
They have done it again – the tech giant Apple is launching another product....
Tags: tech, innovation, Apple, future, credit card
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9 little inventions that have made a big fortune!
Here you have 9 little inventions that are guaranteed to have affected your daily life at one point or another, and which have brought home some big earnings for their inventors, so big that they deserve a big gold medal!...
Tags: inventions, money, profit, economy
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Moneezy explains

Joint Account: Pros and Cons
Are you considering opening a joint bank account with your partner? Discover the advantages and disadvantages of a shared economy in this article....
Tags: Financial education; Joint account; Shared expenses
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