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Which business sector should you consider if you want to earn some money?

What is the most profitable business?

If you have a dream to earn good money in your career that has grown like a seed inside you over the past few years – either so you can live without worries or so you can help others – here are some selected career options you should consider!

Forbes has made a top 5 list of the industries where there are the most billionaires worldwide – so, are you dreaming of following their path? Then you will have come a long way after reading this! Even if you can make millions in almost every sector, you will have better odds if you have an all-in in one of the following:

  1. Finance and investment
    In an absolute first place, you can find the finance and investment branch. This branch covers over 15% of the billionaires in the whole world – so that obviously means something! This, therefore, suggests that if you make money for others (especially those who already have full pockets), then you are on the right path to walk in the direction of wealth.
    Around 270 people can, therefore, call themselves billionaires in this industry.
  2. Fashion and retail
    You might know fashion brands like Ralph Lauren and Armani – but they are just the start of the list of the billionaires you can find amongst the fashion and retail category. 12% of the billionaires worldwide are in fact from this branch, and that does not cover just a few brands! This can also be applied in both budget grocery stores and bigger retail businesses.
    Hence, there are many possibilities – so are you creative?
  3. Real estate
    You can also follow in the footsteps of Donald Trump, and no, not in the way of becoming a president. Real estate is the third greatest source of wealth of the super-rich, and it makes up 9% of the billionaires in the world. There will always be a need for people with a good sense for real estate – so if you are not trying to sell igloos in Dubai, there are good chances for great work in this branch!
    (Firstly, begin with housing the really rich people, and you should see a change in your bank account)
  4. Technology
    It might not actually come as a surprise that the ones who build technology businesses also earn big money in their accounts. We have never demanded technology as much as we do today, so their income just increases and increases. Just take a look at Mark Zuckerberg – a small idea can quickly become the biggest social platform in the world. It might require just some technological ingenuity, a good idea and a whole lot of work, and then you might become one of the 9% of the billionaires that have made their fortune through technology.
  5. Manufacturing
    Ice cream cones, soap, pasta or crisps – there are many possibilities for what you can manufacture, and even though some experts claim that manufacturing is on its way down the ladder of wealth, we can still see this branch in the 5th place. If you choose to go into the manufacturing industry, you should, however, be aware that it requires hard work, and you should not expect to go from 0 to 100 in two days.
    Patience is the key to wealth. Do you have what it requires?

Becoming a billionaire naturally does not happen overnight, and even if we might think that wealth comes to the people who do nothing, that is (usually) not the case.

So, besides hard work and a little bit of patience, this recipe is missing a layer of thick skin. If you don’t have it yet, begin to create it already – money will always divide opinions.

Are you curious about which branches are on top of the list in your geographical area? You can find the list below:


  1. Finance and investment: 267 billionaires (15% worldwide)
  2. Fashion and retail: 221 billionaires (12% worldwide)
  3. Real estate: 163 billionaires (9% worldwide)
  4. Technology: 159 billionaires (9% worldwide)
  5. Manufacturing: 157 billionaires (9% worldwide)
  6. Other: 145 billionaires (8% worldwide)
  7. Food and beverages: 141 billionaires (8% worldwide)
  8. Health: 113 billionaires (6% worldwide)
  9. Energy: 80 billionaires (4% worldwide)
  10. Media and entertainment: 74 billionaires (4% worldwide)

Asia and the Pacific

  1. Real estate (17%)
  2. Manufacturing (14%)
  3. Other (12%)
  4. Technology (12%)
  5. Fashion and retail (9%)


  1. Fashion and retail (21%)
  2. Finance and investment (14%)
  3. Manufacturing (9%)
  4. Food and beverages (8%)
  5. Health (8%)

Middle East and Africa

  1. Other (30%)
  2. Finance and investment (12%)
  3. Construction and engineering (9%)
  4. Fashion and retail (8%)
  5. Metal and mining (7%)

South America and Mexico (excluding the USA)

  1. Finance and investment (20%)
  2. Fashion and retail (14%)
  3. Food and beverages (14%)
  4. Other (13%)
  5. Media and entertainment (7%)


  1. Finance and investment (24%)
  2. Technology (14%)
  3. Food and beverages (10%)
  4. Fashion and retail (9%)
  5. Real estate (7%)
Written by:
Emil Kjær

Emil Kjær

Emil uses his expertise to make a difference in the financial sector. He studied at the University of Southern Denmark and has been General Manager at Intelligent Banker since 2013, where he has helped more than 500,000 users from all over the world with their financial needs.

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