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Halloween is creeping closer... How to celebrate Halloween for less

Plan your Halloween expenses

Halloween is a day celebrated all around the world, being an exceptionally big holiday in the U.S. Over the years it has become even bigger, continually growing with more products and an increasing market for the consumers. You may have noticed stores filling up their shelves with pumpkins and figures of ghosts and spiders, long before the leaves change colours?

Even though it’s a major day, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to cost the world to celebrate Halloween. Read our “tricks and treats” below to find out how you can save money and still have a fun day!

Plan ahead

The first rule when it comes to saving money is, as with everything else – to plan ahead. Halloween always falls on the same day every year, which makes planning it even easier. Whether you want to make a big or small day out of it, you can plan your time wisely when it comes to baking or making food, sewing a costume, or decorating your living room. In the weeks or months before Halloween, keep your eye on stores around, and see if they offer any of the things you need at a discounted price. Remember to also keep an eye out for candy on sale, e.g., candy bags in “family sizes” or 2-for-1 offers, as you’ll most likely have trick or treaters coming to your door. You can also buy Halloween stuff the following days after it’s over, as these things often will be on sale. This way, you already have stuff for next year’s celebration, and you can pat yourself on the shoulder for planning a year ahead!

Make a budget

Halloween is only one day of the year, so most of us don’t want to spend enormous amounts on it. If you’re already a structured person who sets up monthly budgets, you can add Halloween as an item under your expenses for October. Write down what you want to spend on things like food, decorations, costumes etc. This way you’ll avoid it affecting your monthly budget negatively, and you can go on as you normally would, without any unforeseen expenses.

DIY – do it yourself

The easiest thing to do would be to buy something that’s already finished and ready-made. It saves you a lot of time, but oftentimes it will cost more than if you did it yourself.

  • Decorations and decorative items

You have probably heard of the DIY-trend, short for do it yourself? Online you can find DIY-tips for pretty much anything you can imagine. Since Halloween is such a big day, you’re guaranteed to find DIY-tips for what you’re looking for. Do some research, and you will find articles, pictures or videos showing you step-by-step how you can make your house scarier. It’s also fun with something that’s self-made and unique, isn’t it?

  • Make your own costume

Do you have a sewing machine dusting up in the attic? Go get it! If you have friends or family members who know their way around a sewing machine, ask them for help. If you don’t have a sewing machine or the knowledge to use one, you can always pick up a needle and some thread and sew something yourself. The costume doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s completely okay if some seams are crooked – this just adds some charm to it. Be creative and have fun with it! Do you have an old costume in the back of your closet from Halloween a couple of years ago? If you don’t want to make something from scratch, you can pull out your old costume. Sew on something new, make a few alterations and put your own twist to it, and suddenly you have a new costume.

  • Swap costumes with friends

Another great tip is to invite friends over to swap and borrow costumes from each other. It’s both free and good for the environment!

  • Bake or make the food yourself

Most of us don’t associate Halloween with a specific kind of food or pastry; most of us just think of the candy received from trick or treating. But if you want to invite friends over for a party or a small get-together, it might be a good idea to have some snacks available. Instead of store-bought food or snacks, you can put on your apron and have a go at the kitchen. If you don’t have a kitchen machine or various utilities needed, buy it used or ask to borrow it from your neighbour. There are tons of recipes online, and you can easily change a “boring” muffin recipe to something more Halloween-appropriate, e.g., by using pastry colours.

If you have bought pumpkins to decorate your house or patio, remember to keep its contents. Make a soup or some other dish out of it and invite friends and family over for dinner. This way you’ll get the most out of your money spent.

  • Team up with friends

You don’t necessarily have to do everything on your own – join forces with a friend or two, split the expenses and host the party together. It’s both fun and lessens the expenses – a pretty good win-win situation!

Compare prices

Maybe you don’t want to do or make as much yourself, or you’re suddenly running short on time despite the planning? Depending on your needs and what you’re looking for, don’t just go to one store and buy the first thing you see. As mentioned, there is a big market for Halloween, thus many stores will offer many of the same things. Whether you want to go shopping in a store or do it online, do some research and compare the prices before swiping your card. In many cases, you can save quite a bit of money by doing this.

Loan or credit card?

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