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Seal the Black Friday Deal with a Payday Loan

Black Friday is upon us again! This American tradition has become an international sale phenomenon and the zenith of bargain shopping! The battle for high revenue motivates the retailers to sink prices in order to attract hundreds of people to their shops.

This year car dealerships and tour operators are expected to join the Black Friday bargain hype. Experts recommend hitting the sales early – as soon as the retailers open. This not only gives you the opportunity to find the best deals, it also means that you can skip the queues. And if you really want to skip the queues be aware that many retailers have sales throughout the whole week prior to Black Friday. Exclusive online-only deals are also typical these days so make sure to check your favorite websites when the clock strikes 12.

Undeniably, Black Friday has a lot to offer. Discounts up to 80% will cause even the most indecisive shopper to make a purchase. But how to make the most out of Black Friday without breaking the bank?

Black Friday: Deal or No Deal?

The hype surrounding Black Friday gets everyone excited to find the best deal possible due to the huge markdowns in physical and online stores. After all… what’s better than saving money while you shop your favorite stores and brands?

When it comes to shopping on a Black Friday, we shouldn’t be fooled by the falsely created sense of urgency. Even though Back Friday is supposed to be a one-day-event it seems that it’s turning into a whole week sales frenzy which means there will be many “one-day-limited offers” and probably you won’t miss out on a good deal if you don’t purchase it right then and there. Instead, shopping experts advise to make a list of things we are interested in buying to optimize the spent. For example, Black Friday offers the perfect opportunity to buy new appliances – maybe it’s about time you upgraded to a high energy efficiency class refrigerator that will cut your electricity bills in half. Or, you can take advantage of the big discounts and buy all the Christmas presents you need. Kill two birds with one stone – find the best gifts for your loved ones and save a lot of money at the same time!

Find the best Black Friday deals

If you are an experienced bargain shopper, you already have 29th of November marked on your calendar with a big circle. For those of you who are still new to deal hunting – here are a few practical tips:

  • Check prices prior to Black Friday week
  • Compare online the Black Friday offers
  • Check for online-only offers at midnight
  • Try to visit the physical stores in the morning
  • Be prepared and have the money before ready if you know you want to buy specific items. (Especially if there is a limited number of items on the discounted price.)

Black Friday: Loan or No Loan?

Planning a budget is always the way to go when it comes to bulk or multiple purchases. If your wish list is longer than expected and your budget simply can’t handle it, it can be a good idea to explore the payday loan option.

This year, Black Friday is at the end of the month, meaning not everyone will be financially ready for the big day. Getting a payday loan for Black Friday is a simple solution to this situation allowing you to afford the items you want on a discounted price. The best part is that you can pay off the loan when your next paycheck comes in. This’s an easy way to save money instead of waiting for your paycheck and having to pay full price for the same items.

When is the best time to take an online loan for the Black Friday offers?

One of the best ways to take advantage of the special Black Friday offers is to have the money for it beforehand. We advise you to take the time and apply for the loan a few days before Black Friday. This will give you the opportunity to make a rational decision about how much money you want to borrow, calculate how much money you can afford to borrow and make sure you choose a loan you can pay out.

Once you have figured out the numbers, here comes the time for comparing offers! (Comparing loan offers will get you all warmed up for finding the best offers on Black Friday!) There are many payday lenders on the market and they all have different loan offers. On you can compare different payday offers with one click. Remember to always compare loans by their APR as the best way to compare the total amount of interest and additional costs of the loan.

There are more advantages to getting a payday loan a few days before Black Friday. Having cash on the big day allows you to be the first one in line – ready to buy and get the best offers that would usually be sold out within an hour of the store’s opening. This can make your savings on Black Friday even bigger!

However, if you prefer to wait with a possible payday loan until the day of Black Friday, then we still recommend that you take a moment and compare online loan offers on before you press the “Apply now” button to ensure finding a cheap loan online.

Which online loan fits best your Black Friday needs?

Payday loans, short term loans, personal loans... there are different types of online loans that can be suitable for your Black Friday deal hunting. Deciding on a loan is mostly dependent on the amount you need to borrow. If you plan on using a smaller amount on Black Friday, it’s a good idea to choose a payday loan and take advantage of the low interest rates due to the quick loan payout that’s required.

A short term loan is a good choice if you plan on making one or two bigger purchases. Short-term loans are ideal if you can’t pay out the loan in a single installment. Instead, you can use up to 6 months to pay out the loan.

If you plan on going all in and making the most out of Black Friday, you can consider a personal loan. It’s the type of loan that will give you the opportunity to go big on your purchases whether they will be Christmas gifts, home appliances or furniture.

Written by:
Emil Kjær

Emil Kjær

Emil uses his expertise to make a difference in the financial sector. He studied at the University of Southern Denmark and has been General Manager at Intelligent Banker since 2013, where he has helped more than 500,000 users from all over the world with their financial needs.

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